We had an excellent experience with Cowboys Cleaning! My husband and I recently moved into a new townhome and it desperately needed a deep cleaning. We reached out to Cowboys Cleaning and were able to schedule a cleaning a few days later and their pricing was extremely reasonable. The two ladies who came out were very friendly and I could not be more pleased with how clean our place was when they left. I would highly recommend calling this company to clean your house!

Kaley Russell

The ladies who clean my home have been very prompt, courteous and thorough. I’ve been happy which each experience I’ve had with them in their home, and their prices are very reasonable.

Andrea Somers

Always does a great job – if there are any issues, I contact them and they are resolved.

Keith Wyrick

After I returned to work after our second child was recently born, I came to the realization that I needed help keeping the house clean!! So I looked all over the web to find a service near us, called a few places, but after talking to the owner of Cowboys Cleaning, I decided to give them a try & I was not disappointed!! She was willing to work with me to create a cleaning plan that got everything done that I needed, which most places would not do (dishes, laundry, organizing, plus cleaning). I’ve now had my first cleaning, and I was very impressed!! They organized my entire house, from kids toys to important papers and it really helped us a lot. Plus, they cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms really well. I will be continuing with their service and looking forward to the next time!

Christina Howard

decided to look into cleaning services. A friend of mine recommended Cowboys Cleaning I gave it a shot and now they are coming to my house every other week. They do a great job!!! I look forward to Thursdays.. my new favorite day. They are a little expensive but its worth the time I would be spending. They normally do not come out this far but i know they are willing to exceptions for referrals. God bless them!!!


I just moved to uptown and was need of good maid service. Back home I was use to mom cleaning and doing my laundry, well mom is not here anymore! I called around to a few different places and came across these guys., there were a little more expensive then a few others that I called. I tried out the cheaper one first to check out the cleaning well I paid $50 and I got $50 worth of cleaning which was not much. They pretty much did a slight wipe of everything. I went back to the drawing board and tried out Cowboys Cleaning man I paid just a little more but can I say everything was perfect!!!! They pointed areas that the other cleaning areas did not even touch. They typically do not tidy up personal belonging but they said in order for them to get the cleaning done they will have to move it so I even got my place a little organized on the counters and bathrooms.. which was very nice. Though you pay a little more its totally worth it at the end of the day when your looking at a clean apartment!!


I actually live pretty far from where these folks service, but after reading their reviews I had to take a chance on whether or not they would come out to my city. I gave them a call and the young lady who answered the phone was very helpful and kind. She did mention they do not service Fort Worth but she took the time out and listened to my needs. After about a 10 minute conversation she said they will go ahead and come out to Fort Worth and I am glad they did. I had a deep cleaning done on my place and man was it worth it. I have been looking for a good cleaning company in this area and it has been very difficult and after reading these guys reviews it is completely true. I had another cleaning company out and they did not do the job and it was a complete waste of money. I am glad I called Cowboys Cleaning.


I can’t believe how nice my place looks and smell everytime I get it cleaned. I’m gonna have to keep having cowboyz cleaning come back on a regular basis now. love it


Cowboys Cleaning Services is an Excellent Cleaning Company. They are quick, quite, reasonable and detailed. I will use them here in the near future. I recommend them to my family and friends for their services. Cowboys Cleaning is good for home cleaning.


My roommate and I are Juniors at SMU and live in the general Uptown/Park Cities area. We don’t have much time to keep up with our place between class and work. The time we do have, we’d rather spend going out with our friends and such. Last weekend after the bars, we had a few people over and it not only left a mess but a gooey thing stuck in the carpet. We called a cleaning service in the area and they were not only rude, but way overpriced (and they didn’t get the stain out). After re-googling cleaning services, we choose this one based on the decent reviews. The ladies were nice, and efficient, and got the stain out! Ohh and it also wasn’t too expensive either. Will definitely be using Cowboys Cleaning Services again in the future.


Cowboys Cleaning Services. Such AMAZING service!! I must say, they had their work cut out for them when I called to get my studio apt cleaned. I was kind of hesitant to call but my friend referred me to them and said they do great work. WOW, It didn’t matter how messy I was, they took care of everything from vacuuming to cleaning my bathroom. Everything was spotless!! One thing is for sure, I didnt want to deal with my bathroom and when they finished I thought I was in someone else’s bathroom. It’s like when your car is so dirty that when you finally get a carwash, you realize it’s a different color. I wouldnt think I would ever use a cleaning service but it was so convenient. With my schedule of work, gym, and finding something to eat afterwards that I just dont have time to clean. I gave them a call and everything was taken care of; I felt like I was living with my mom again. They made my day, and their rate was very reasonable! I would recommend them to my friends…Thank you Cowboys Cleaning Services!!


A while back i was looking for a cleaning service for my 2 story house and i found Cowboys Cleaning Service. I must say that there service is EXCELLENT, I have been using the them for the past 9 month and every time they clean they leave my house looking like brand new and they are very reasonable too. With the schedule that i have, I am very busy but they worked around it and took care of everything. If you live in the Dallas Metropolitan Area i recommend that you give these people a call, I recommend them to my friends…check em out you will not be disappointed….


Cowboys Cleaning Attention to Detail, punctual Saturday marks the 6th person from cowboys cleaning to clean my 2 bedroom apartment.. I’ve used them about 2 years now. I actually fell asleep on the couch while they were there and she woke me up to tell me she was going to vaccuum (i am allergic, why i have an house cleaning service), gave me time to go to the other part of the house while she did that part, which she saved for last. It’s not cheap to have a cleaning service twice a week but in 2 hours my place gets deep cleaned, as in dusted, with the objects being moved, not dusted around.. the return air closest was dusted.. baseboards wiped, bathrooms were sparkling. they will be back in 3 weeks. Thanks Cowboys Cleaning


Great Dallas Maid Service I was seriously impressed with how fast they were and their attention to detail. I live in Uptown Dallas. Maid & cleaning services can be expensive in this area, but I did some checking around and found Cowboys Cleaning from a friend’s advice. They were reasonable and did a great job. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many clean clothes at one time. I’d suggest if you live in Dallas, Irving, or Las Colinas check them out.


Commercial Testimonials

“Tina and her staff do an excellent job. They are prompt, friendly and go the extra mile to make sure we are happy. Definitely recommend!”

Mike B.

Real Estate Manager, Irving

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